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J/Newsletter- September 26th, 2018

J/22s sailing one designU.S. Adult Sailing Championship Preview
(Wayzata, MN)- The Clifford D Mallory Trophy, emblematic of the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship, will be taking place this coming weekend in Wayzata, MN, sailed on Lake Minnetonka on a fleet of matched J/22 one-design class sailboats.

The format has been different in past years, with the 2018 participants determined by submission of their team’s C.V. and selected by a U.S. Adult Sailing Committee to determine the twelve crews sailing in the round-robin format, providing three days of challenging racing by sailors from around the country.

Those twelve teams are the following:
  • BBYRA- Sean Bradley, Jarret Lynn, Russell Schon-  Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
  • Detroit YRA- Matthew Debois, Ellen Debois-Gossman, Kip Stoneburner- Detroit, MI
  • Gulf YA- Benz Faget, Randal Richmond, Josh Deupree- New Orleans, LA
  • Inland Lake YA- Mike Hanson, Tim Siemers, Mark Swift- Wayzata, MN
  • Inter-mountain Lakes- Robin Jackson, David Baker, Greg Shertz, Jeanne Strathamns- Littleton, CO
  • Hawaii YRA- Maddey Kennedy, Mike Van Woerkom, Morgan Stevenson, Karina Berry- Honolulu, HI
  • Interlake YA- Ryan Lashaway, Connor Madden, Ryan Kyel- Rocky River, OH
  • Texas SA- Fred Meno, Marc Nilsson, Mike Schwinn- Fort Worth, TX
  • Twin Cities RSA- Mike Schmid, Uta Moncur, Mike Miller- Minneapolis, MN
  • YRA San Francisco- Vaughn Seifers, Kurt Lahr, Nick Nash- Foster City, CA
  • Duluth SA- Susan Mattis-Turnhan, Monica Bertani, Ann Heimbach, David Turnham- Duluth, MN
  • Southern Massachusetts SA- Paul Wilson, Allison Coleman, Natalie Coleman-Fuller, Christina Persson- Oak Bluffs, MA
Based on known experience in the J/22 class, it would be easy to handicap Benz Faget’s team from New Orleans, LA as the odds-on favorites on a 1-to-1 bet to at least place on the podium (he is a J/22 World Champion).  For more U.S. Adult Sailing Championship information.

J/109 sailing Long Island SoundAYC Fall Series Preview
(Rye, NY)- For the next two weekends in succession, the American YC will be hosting their annual Fall Series Regatta for IRC and PHRF Handicap fleets as well as one-design classes for J/44s, J/109s, J/88s, J/105s, and J/70s.  Racing will be taking place in Western Long Island Sound just south of Rye, New York.

Showing up with a fleet of seven teams are the remarkably resilient, and popular, J/44 One-Designs.  This was a class that was popularized by the late Jim Bishop that used to sail his famous Caribbean green-colored GOLD DIGGER for decades.  Honoring that legacy will be teams like Willets Meyer’s BEAGLE, Tom Blackwell’s BREAKAWAY, SUNY Maritime’s CHARLIE V, Chris Lewis’ KENAI, Bill Ketcham’s MAXINE, Don & Dick Rave’s RESOLUTE, and Len Sitar’s VAMP.

Fourteen teams are sailing in the J/109 one-design class, with many of the top east coast teams participating.  Those crews include John Greifzu’s GROWTH SPURT, Albrecht Goethe’s HAMBURG, Tom Sutton’s LEADING EDGE, David Rosow’s LOKI, Adrian Begley’s MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN, Carl Olsson’s MORNING GLORY, Robert Schwartz’s NORDLYS, and Dave & Maryellen Tortorello’s PARTNERSHIP III.

The eight-boat J/88 one-design class has a number of class veterans as well as several new participants in the event.  The more experienced crews include Mike Bruno’s WING, Iris Vogel’s DEVIATION, Justin Scagnelli’s ALBONDIGAS, and Doug Newhouse’s YONDER.

Amazingly, the biggest one-design class will be the twenty-strong J/105s. Leading crews include Duncan Hennes/ Za & Lib Jelliffe’s ARETE, Damian Emery’s ECLIPSE, Bruce Stone & Nicole Breault’s GOOD TRADE, Paul Beaudin’s LOU LOU, Jon Rechtschaffer’s RAPTOR, George Wilbanks’ REVELATION, and the Young American Sailing Academy’s YOUNG AMERICAN team.

Despite the fact that ninety-one teams from around the world are competing this week in the J/70 World Championship off Marblehead, MA, there are nearly a dozen J/70s participating in the Sound this weekend!  Those top crews include Dan Goldberg’s BAZINGA, Carrie & Ed Austin’s CHINOOK, Mike Zupon’s LOKI, Andrew Shea’s SHAKE’N’BAKE, and Alex Meleney’s TRUCKIN.

The sole handicap participant in the J/stable will be sailing in PHRF 2- Scott Devine’s new J/112E REVIVER.  For more American YC Fall Series sailing information

J/Sailing News

The Sun Never Sets on J's Sailing Worldwide

The last week of September for the past three years has marked the J/70 World Championship- 2016 San Francisco, 2017 Sardinia, and now 2018 Marblehead. This year no one knew what was going to be in store for the fleet of ninety-one boats based on recent summer weather patterns.  All summer-long, it was classic Marblehead, no wind, hot, and no thermals. However, things change when the fall season kicks in for the New England offshore sailing season. So far, it has been anything but typical for this year’s J/70 Worlds, hosted by the Eastern YC in Marblehead, MA.  Meanwhile, up north on Lake Ontario, the Royal Canadian YC hosted their annual Canadian J/105 National Championship.

Over in Europe, the last weekend was the occasion for the popular Atlantic Telegramme Regatta in Lorient, France for fleets of J/70s and J/80s. Then, up north the Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga organization held their finale for the season-long German J/70 Youth Sailing League Championship in Hamburg, Germany on their gorgeous Alster Lake.

Read on! The J/Community and Cruising section below has many entertaining stories and news about J/Sailors as well as cruising blogs about those who continue to enjoy the Caribbean and the South Pacific, staying warm while others are trying to stay warm up north.  Check them out!  More importantly, if you have more J/Regatta News, please email it or  upload onto our J/Boats Facebook page  Below are the summaries.

Regatta & Show Schedules:

Sep 8-14- J/22 World Championship- Annapolis, MD
Sep 12-16- Rolex Big Boat Series- San Francisco, CA
Sep 14-16- J/70 Great Lakes Championship- Grosse Pointe, MI
Sep 18-21- J/111 North American Championship- Macatawa, MI
Sep 21-23- Canadian J/105 National Championship- Toronto, ONT
Sep 21-23- J/22 Northeast Championship- Diamond Point, NY
Sep 21-23- J/80 Atlantic Telegramme- Lorient, France
Sep 22-29- J/70 World Championship- Marblehead, MA

For additional J/Regatta and Event dates in your region, please refer to the on-line J/Sailing Calendar.

J/70s sailing at WorldsWEST MARINE J/70 World Championship Update
(Marblehead, MA)- The 2018 edition of the J/70 World Championship, sponsored by WEST MARINE, will be hosted by Eastern YC in Marblehead, MA for a fleet of ninety teams from around the world. It may represent the most unprecedented assemblage of world-class talent ever gathered together in a single one-design regatta in history- keelboat or dinghy. Teams will be travelling thousands of miles to compete at the 2018 J/70 World Championship from as far away as Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Monaco, Russia, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey. Furthermore, J/70 teams will be competing from all over South America including; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.

J/70s sailing off start- WorldsDay 1- Big, Fat Tuesday
The first day will be remembered for tough racing conditions. A cold and wet southeasterly wind brought true Atlantic conditions to the combat zone. The big factor was the sea state, with waves topping out at over three metres. Upwind J/70s were climbing, then launching off huge waves. The downwind rollercoaster ride was an adrenalin pumping rush, the opening day was extreme, and right on the edge for racing.

PRO Hank Stuart and his team kept a close eye on the weather, and just before the bad weather really closed, called a halt to racing after two heart-thumping races. As the fleet headed into a warm welcome at the Eastern Yacht Club, torrential rain engulfed the race area, and there were no complaints about not running a third race.

Reigning J/70 Open World Champion, Peter Duncan (USA) racing Relative Obscurity, was second in both races to top the leaderboard. In second place, Claudia Rossi (ITA) racing Petite Terrible scored a 4-1, and lying third after Day One is Bruce Golison (USA) racing Midlife Crisis, after a 3-3 scoreline. Alberto Rossi (ITA) racing Enfant Terrible is fourth after two races, having scored a 5-5, and Vincenzo Onorato's Mascalzone Latino, racing under the burgee of the Yacht Club de Monaco, scored a win and a 13th to finish the day in fifth.

In the Corinthian Class Jim Cunningham (USA) racing Lifted leads the fleet after two races. Ignacio Perez (MEX) racing Zaguero with all family members is second, and Lucas Authier (ARG) racing Manuto is third. Luis Bugallo (ESP) racing Marnatura scored the best result in Race One, but retired in Race Two after sustaining damage.

“It was a struggle today,” commented Jim Cunningham racing Lifted to top of the Corinthian Class. “Keeping in clear air was key, but to do that in the pack you have to anticipate much more about the boats around you. Staying on the edges, especially downwind was our game plan today, and it was a lot of fun, we hit 19 knots as a top speed, which is something you don't often experience. Mark roundings were a challenge, we came in on Port a couple of times, which was interesting to say the least!”

“It was a great day for us with two good results but the championship is really long so we have to be focused and strong until the end,” commented Claudia Rossi. “ I prefer big conditions, I feel strong, and I am not scared by the waves or high winds. I absolutely enjoy these conditions and I hope we get it every day!”

Bruce Golison from San Diego is one of the most experienced skippers at the championship, and is a past winner of the Etchells Worlds and J/24 North Americans.  “Well done to the race committee today, under pressure, Hank and his team did a stellar job. On the first day of the worlds you just want to have a couple of keeper races, and things worked out for us,” commented Bruce. “It is a pretty darn tough fleet, so we are very happy with the start to the regatta. I hate sailing in the rain, but this is a world championship - you cannot let that bother you. I have been around since the first J/24 Worlds in 1979, and this is the deepest fleet in terms of overall talent. A lot of the owners have all sailed against each other for years and years, and this is spectacular racing, in a great fleet, who are pretty cool on the race course. It's the best of the best in one design keelboats.”

J/70s sailing World ChampionshipDay 2- Spanish Flyboys Dominate
After the rollercoaster ride on the first day, a change in the conditions provided a tactical and strategic second day of action. It was a gorgeous sunny day, most welcomed by the salt-encrusted crews from the day before.

Two Spanish teams reveled in the Mediterranean conditions and were leading the Open and Corinthian Classes. The wind was oscillating 15 degrees either side of the course axis and the wind speed varied from 14-17 knots; it was definitely a day for keeping your head out of the boat, anticipating the changes in the conditions.

After being deep in the fleet in Race 3, Jose Maria Torcida (ESP) racing Noticia, clawed back through the fleet to finish 14th. The Spanish team followed that with a 2-1 in the last two races to take the lead for the championship.

“We are very happy! ” smiled Noticia skipper, Jose Maria Torcida. “Today we recovered from the back of the fleet in the first race to fight back up to fourteenth, basically we got the wrong side of the shift in that race. We got the tactics right in the second race, rounded the top mark in second and nearly won the race but Savasana made a good move on the downwind to pass us. In the last race we Port tacked the fleet and held on to take the win, which was fantastic, but we have only had five races.”

Judd Smith (USA) racing Africa, posted a 2-6-11 to move up to second place. Brian Keane (USA), runner up for the 2017 J/70 World Championship, scored a bullet in Race 4 but a 28th in the last race, pegged his team racing Savasana back to third. Bruno Pasquinelli (USA) racing Stampede on his birthday, was challenging for the overall lead going into the last race but 31st place put Stampede into fourth by the end of the day. Mascalzone Latino (MON) helmed by Matteo Savelli, is in fifth place after scoring a bullet in Race 3.

“We just want to have a chance when we go into the last day. Right now we are just looking to sail ourselves into a winning position with some good scores.” commented Judd Smith. “Obviously like the other 90 boats out there we want to have a good regatta, and do as well as you can, against a lot of great sailors.”

In the Corinthian Class, Luis Bugallo (ESP) racing Marnatura leads after scoring three good results today. It was a much better day for the team from Vigo, Spain. After sustaining damage on the first day and retiring, Marnatura now has a big lead in the Corinthian Class. Aldo Centanaro (URU) racing Pura Joda, was the top Corinthian team in the last race, moving the Uruguay team up to second. Lucas Authier (ARG) racing Manuto, remains in third for the Corinthian Class.

It was not a good day for the overnight leader and reigning world champion, Peter Duncan (USA) racing Relative Obscurity. “We set up to go left in the first two races, but it did not work out for us,” commented Duncan. “In the last race we went right and that didn't work either. Sometimes, that happens but we are only two days into the regatta and there is plenty more racing to come.

J/70s sailing downwindDay 3- Black Flag Thursday
There were thrills and spills on the third day with 15 teams falling foul of the Black Flag during the three races held. Flatter seas and a shifting nor-easterly provided yet another different day. Eight of the maximum 14 races have now been sailed, and challengers for the championship are now emerging.

It was a day of high and lows for Peter Duncan (USA) racing Relative Obscurity. The defending J/70 World Champion did the business in Race 6, scoring their first bullet of the regatta but was disqualified in Race 7 for being OCS with the Black Flag flying. Race 8, Duncan's team scored a fourth to finish the day at the top of the rankings, on countback from Jud Smith (USA).

“For the Black Flag it was close but we were highly visible as the first boat on the pin,” commented Victor Diaz de Leon, who is calling the starts on Relative Obscurity. “It was immature on my part, and maybe a lack of experience, I feel like I let my guys down, because I say when to pull the trigger. Peter and the team back me 100% but it was a low point. We had to watch for over an hour before we got into the next race, and we were hungry. In the last race, we had a mediocre start and battled back, and ended up having a great race. We are very happy that we are leading the regatta but we have the biggest drop of the top boats. As I see it the top six are all level, and who ever sails the best for now on, is going to be the winner.”

Jose Maria "Pichu" Torcida (ESP) was leading the regatta at the start of the day but a 7-43-31 drops the Spanish team to third. Bruno Pasquinelli (USA) racing Stampede is in fourth place just four points off the lead. Jack Franco racing 3 Ball JT scored a bullet today to move up to fifth. Brian Keane (USA) racing Savasana drops to sixth after a 18-17-26. Congratulations should also go to Gannon Troutman (USA) racing Pied Piper who won the last race of the day.

In the Corinthian Class Luis Bugallo (ESP) Marnatura has extended their lead with two solid results today, the young team from Vigo, Spain have now broken into the top ten for the entire fleet. Finishing the day in style, Aldo Centanaro (URU) racing Pura Joda, scored a fifth keeping the Uruguay team firmly in second place. Jim Cunningham (USA) racing Lifted had a consistent day, keeping out of trouble to move up to third.  For more J/70 World Championship sailing information

J/105s sailing offshoreMcLaughlin Eclipses Canadian J/105 Nationals
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)- The 2018 Canadian J/105 Nationals were hosted by Royal Canadian YC for a fleet of seventeen boats on Lake Ontario.  The RCYC RC crew managed to produce five races for the fleet over the two-day weekend.

Not surprisingly, ace Canadian sailor Terry McLaughlin (an America’s Cup skipper for Canada, 2x J/105 North American Champion, and Olympic Medallist) managed to post five bullets to be crowned the 2018 J/105 Canadian Champion.  Fellow J/105 North American Champion, James Rathbun, guided his famous HEY JUDE to an easy second place with a tally of 2-2-3-4-2 for 13 pts total. Rounding out the podium in third place was Frank McLaughlin’s STARCROSS with a tally of 3-7-4-3-3 for 20 pts total.  The balance of the top five included THE USUAL SUSPECTS in 4th and Peter Hall’s JAMAICA ME CRAZY in 5th position.  For more Canadian J/105 National Championships sailing information

J/70 German sailing leagueVSaW Crowned German J/70 Youth Sailing Champions
(Hamburg, Germany)- The final act of the three event 2018 German J/70 Youth Sailing League Championship concluded in Hamburg, Germany on their famous, gorgeous Alster Lake in the middle of the city.  Twenty-one youth teams representing their sailing clubs were treated to a thrilling finale that featured ten races for each team to determine the winner of the overall series.

Incredibly, winning the overall series on a tie-breaker on 12 pts each were the Verein Seglerhaus am Wansee.  Losing that scenario was the Bayerischer YC 2 Team.  Settling for third place was the Muncher YC with 16 pts total.  Rounding out the top five were the Bayerishcer YC 1 crew in 4th position and the Bodensee YC Uberligen in 5th place.  For more German J/70 Youth Sailing League information

J/80s sailing off FranceFun Atlantic Telegramme Regatta
(Lorient, France)- For the 19th edition of the Atlantic Telegramme Regatta, hosted by the CN Lorient from September 21st to 23rd, a fleet of J/70s and J/80s enjoyed a friendly and sporting atmosphere of offshore sailing. The event is renowned for conviviality and the bar along the pontoons, and the Saturday evening crew dinner.

Winning the ten-boat J/70 fleet was Bruno James team on LE MDCO CHERBOURG with a 2-1-1-1-4 tally for 9 pts total. His crew was comprised of Hugues Dorriere, Olivier Fantou, and Sebastien Metivier.  Taking the silver was Philippe Guigne’s VIRTUAL REGATTA 70, with crew of Damien Scelo, Tanguy Caron, Jean-Yves Jaffrezic, and Eric Guigne.  Then, third place went to Herve Leduc’s PIERRE OCEANE, with his team of Loic Avram, Stephane Barraux, Mikael Garret, Etienne Luneau, and Bastian Le Morvan (note- different crew for different days!). Rounding out the top five were Guillaume Plassart’s IZENAH IV in fourth place and Manuel Guedon’s SNT1-TBS in fifth place.  For more Atlantic Telegramme Regatta sailing information
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